Let's Build the Church Together

It is time to grow the church!!!

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It is time to grow the church!!!

Thanks to your support GNBC International the Good News Bible Church is on the move!! Here are some recent successes.

- Helped 456 flood victim families with food, seeds and housing in cooperation with other NGOs giving to the Goods News Bible Church

- The roof was installed on the Kaligiisa Church in the Builsa tribe.

- The walls and roof were installed on the Koforiduah Church.

- Fertilizer was provided to multiply the crops to feed orphans through a pastor and his wife's care.

- Missionaries are being supported to take the gospel to new villages.

However, we have just begun. Some of the top priorities of the church are to:

- Purchase a truck for the Director of the missions agency named Evangelical Missionary Alliance.

- Finish construction of the national headquarters facility in Accra.

- Pay the expenses of teachers and health clinic labor in a 99.5% muslim town named Gushegu among the Dagbani tribe.

- Increase the rural missionary salaries to $150 per month.

- Provide operating funds for VeDeme Orphanage and Childrens School in the Ho Region of Ghana.

We request your help to upbuild this work of Jesus Christ as these brothers and sisters in Christ proclaim the gospel with all their heart and soul in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for your partnership.

Donations can be mailed to GNBC International, c/o Ed Wormald, 16580 Swanbourne Drive, Hamilton, Virginia 20158. The phone number is 301-606-8745 USA.